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This Simple But Powerful Software Program Can Be Just What You Need To Stay Focused and Make This Year Your Best Year Yet!

Again, thank you for being a Holothink subscriber. We want you to have a great year full of what you want - and the best way to get what you want is by taking advantage of the power of focused intention.

For many people, the number one obstacle standing between you and success (or further success) is a lack of focus. And this program can be just the tool you need to maintain the focus that propels you forward to greater success.

Here is what To Do List Gold can do for you:

  • Track up to 20 different tasks/projects

  • Flag tasks as incomplete/complete

  • Flag tasks as High, Normal, and Low priority

  • Add additional details to each task

  • Schedule the program to open up at different time intervals (once every 15 min, once ever 30 min, once every hour, once every 6 hours, once every 12 hours, and once every 24 hours)

  • Store a Summary file of all tasks for your records or to print out

  • Hide Completed tasks for easier view of what still needs to be worked on
Download your FREE "To Do List" program, just right click here

  • Save the program to your computer
  • Open the program and it's ready to go (see PDF instruction guide below)
Triple your productivity while working half the time. Discover Laser Focus today and save!

For instructions on how to use the "To Do List" (don't worry, it's super-simple), right click here to download the PDF instructions.


Sorry - we offer NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT for the To-Do List program.

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